Without Corners

This is our missions arm

Global Missions Arm of Without Walls Inc.

The vision of Without Walls is to move in the Spirit of Revival and build the Kingdom of God by changing lives, impacting cities and affecting nations. Without Corners is just one of the ways that this vision is fulfilled. Our vision statement is to disciple and transform nations. We believe that when the church disciples nations, it will always find powerful grace from heaven, especially if the gospel of the Kingdom is proclaimed.

A Little Bit of Background

For several years up to 2012, Without Walls had been in relationship with overseas missionaries who called this church their ‘family’ in Australia. Some of these missionaries, although called by God Himself, were ‘sent’ by the laying on of hands at Without Walls. As the number of missionaries grew, it became apparent that a more coordinated approach was necessary to ensure that these ‘sent ones’ were encouraged and supported through regular communication, prayer and financial support.

It was this vision of stronger support that birthed Without Corners as the overseas missions arm of Without Walls Inc. The name was inspired by God through Leviticus 23:22 NKJV:

When you reap the harvest of your land,
you shall not wholly reap the corners of your field …
You shall leave them for the poor and for the stranger:
I am the LORD your God

Here we are exhorted to leave the corners of our fields for the poor and the stranger; in other words, those who give to the poor and the stranger are willing to have a field WITHOUT CORNERS.

Without Corners Commences

Without Corners began operating in May 2012. Our goal is to empower, not impose. We aim to support and maintain relationship with those in other nations who are directly linked with Without Walls. At present, we are in partnership with seven nations/ministries:

Cambodia (Free2Live Ministries)
South Africa (Kokstad Christian Centre)
Indonesia (Apostolic Gospel Fire Ministries)
Zimbabwe (Cosmos HealthCare)
Uganda (Jenga Community Development Outreach)
India (Christian Prayer House Ministries)
USA – Toledo, Ohio (Aquaponics Project for Formerly Incarcerated Men)

Our role has been to introduce the missionaries and their ministries to the Without Walls congregation in such a way that a deeper love bond would form, a bond that would birth generous prayer covering and financial support, a bond that would bring our missionaries home on furlough and stir hearts for short-term mission trips.

The relationship between the Without Walls congregation and our missionaries has grown in such strength that we have seen all of this come to pass. The Without Walls saints are truly living ‘without corners’ in their fields because of their generous giving to our partners who minister to the poor and the strangers in the nations.

We envisage that more and more of God’s people will be appointed by Him as ‘sent ones,’ and it brings great joy to our hearts that these sons and daughters of the Most High King can go to the nations knowing that they have a loving family to support them.

Short-Term Missions

Taking short-term mission teams to visit our missionaries and walk alongside them in the work of the Kingdom is also a part of our vision, and every nation we partner with has had teams visit. All are blessed as the Lord’s hand is revealed in signs and wonders, miracles of healing and deliverance, salvation and Holy Spirit baptism.

Teams have enjoyed outreach to adults and children in villages, individual prayer ministry, and preaching and teaching in the house of God. And there’s the practical side, too – painting, life-skills training, handing out clothes to poor village children, placing widows in homes, etc.