Our Vision, Mission and History


We see …
Changed people, cities and nations, through encountering God’s Kingdom at work on earth.

We exist to …
Build the Kingdom of God by changing lives, affecting cities and nations through encountering and moving in the Spirit of Revival.


Pursue a supernatural ministry culture of signs, wonders and miracles where Gods Kingdom manifests on earth as it is in heaven, through:
// Supernatural Wells of Ministry
//Supernatural Wednesday

Network, strengthen and mobilise groups, churches and missions locally, nationally and globally through:
// Without Corners Missions
// Minister & Ministries Apostolic Network
// Apostolic Gatherings

Cultivate and pursue a culture of encounter with God through Presence centred prayer and worship through:
// Glory Camps
// Specialist Training (Worship School)
// Special Events (Encounter Services)

Build healthy relationships and genuine community as a fellowship through:
// Community Gatherings
// Fellowship & Small Groups

Train, equip and release ministry gifts and callings (recognizing that every person can minister) through:
// Without Limits Training Courses
// Specialized Courses & Conferences
// Apostolic College

Impact the community market place with strategic outreach programs through:
// Radical Anointed Warriors (RAW)
// Café Church

A brief history

The foundations of this work were laid some forty years ago when the Lord raised up a vibrant “coffee shop” ministry in the central city area. In those days our evangelistic outreach was based around our coffee shop. It was out of this that New Day Ministries was born. God used New Day Ministries to dramatically touch many people’s lives. We saw numbers of new disciples sent out “into all the world” as effective ministers of the gospel of Christ. We are still seeing the legacy of that initial move of the Spirit today, both in Perth and in many other regions of the world.

When our New Day Ministries season ended we longed for even more of the Holy Spirit, to the point that during a season of prayer, the Lord confirmed to us that we should start Without Walls.  In June 2003 we had our first public meeting.  

It was very clear to us from the outset of 2003 that this particular work that God had called us into would require a new pattern of doing things. God told us to be open, flexible and spontaneous. As a result we have periodically moved around the city, almost encircling it before being released to settle into our present location. As we moved around the city it seemed like we were warring in strategic battles to take the land and occupy it for God’s glory.  

Today we have a ministry hub that is centrally located. We also have many other expressions of ministry throughout the suburbs, in small groups, market place groups and other Kingdom connections. Today our Kingdom reach and influence continues to grow into the regional and interstate areas and even overseas.

Our current ‘urban mission’ is based in Northbridge at the Overflow Centre (also the “Little Bird Cafe”). Through this work we have placed a giant stake into the heart of the most spiritually oppressive area in our city.
We continue to see people being saved and the Holy Spirit moving in our midst with signs, wonders and miracles.  

He has been faithful to us over all these years.  We look forward to many more years of journeying with Him.

Our culture

Worship //
Worship is the priority of heaven and is therefore one of our highest values.  True worship attracts the presence of God and the manifest presence of God that releases His life giving and sustaining power and glory.

Grace //
Our Lord is the God of all grace.  His calling, His anointing and His appointing of our lives are all through His grace.  We have no personal qualifications that enable us to come to Him, so He extends His love and mercy to us, calling us His own beloved children.  We desire to extend this same grace to others.

Honor //
Where there is honor, there is life.  The principle of honor creates life giving, healthy relationships because honor:
acknowledges people for who they are, it gives people what they deserve and it enables us to receive them as a gift.

Freedom //
Truth sets us free from the condemnation, guilt and shame of life, and enables us to be one in the Spirit with the Lord.  This glorious freedom brings a liberty to follow Jesus and to choose His ways above our own personal desires and wishes.

Revival //
We value the atmosphere that allows the Spirit of God to flow freely both within us and amongst us.  As the heart of God forms in us, we earnestly desire to move with His purpose to see the church reformed and the world transformed by His great love.

Authenticity //
We seek to worship and live in an atmosphere of truth and encounter that are not encumbered with the barriers (or walls) of religion, tradition and prejudice.


An Apostolic and Prophetic company

We stand on strong Apostolic / Prophetic foundations and we build with confidence for the future. We have been blessed with many prophetic encouragements throughout the years and have desired to build with these words (blueprints). The Word of God has helped keep us on track, on target and on time, during the different seasons of ministry. With an Apostolic grace we have used the Word of God to build the Kingdom of God in this city, in various surrounding country regions and in the nations of the world. This Kingdom focus has kept us from trying to build for ourselves a ministry, but to respond to the mandate of the church to …go ye therefore into all the world… This has resulted in the planting and developing of a number of Kingdom works both here and abroad through our growing missions program.

How can we stand together?

We believe that God's provision for all of His Kingdom assignments is found in His people.  As a result all believers are called to be stewards of His blessings.  At Without Walls we understand this and ask that you partner with us in these following four areas:
// PARTNERS IN PRAYER                                                                                   
We believe that the fervent effectual prayers of our partners is a driving force behind all that we do for God.  We therefore encourage you to join the engine room and pray faithfully, specifically and boldly before God.
// PARTNERS IN GIVING                                                               
We believe in the principle of Tithes and Offerings.  According to the Scriptures God has ordained that giving is an act of worship.  We encourage our partners to join with us around 1 Corinthians 16:2 which says that our giving should be regular, systematic and proportionate to our income.                                  
We believe that the multi faceted nature of God is displayed through the saints.  His people are His hands and feet and are the connection point for heaven to flow on earth.  At Without Walls we are committed to training and equipping God’s people to fulfil His purposes.  Much like Romans 12:4-5 we encourage all of our partners to find their unique function within Without Walls and serve the rest of the Body of Christ.
We believe in meeting regularly as the Scriptures exhort us to do. God has designed that gathering together in a godly manner provides teaching, spiritual protection and healthy community.  We encourage our partners to join us at our celebration services, the various corporate meetings we host and in any one of our small group gatherings.