Our Tribute to Phil Howell

Phil Howell was a man filled with passion to reach people for Christ. He impacted the lives of thousands. He carved the name of Jesus upon their hearts and lifted them to see their potential in God.  As a result hundreds have risen up to become great leaders and thousands have become extraordinary people. This is the legacy that he leaves behind - the sick have been healed, the lame walk and the blind see.

There was power behind his inviting smile and gentle words. That power evident in altered lives. It is evident in the stories that people share about him. It was evident on the day of his celebration service, where spiritual sons and daughters and friends came from far and wide to honor him. Each one sharing the mark that was etched within them. 

We have put up this tribute page to share some of the stories and testimonies of Phil, our pastor, spiritual father and friend. Please read the stories and celebrate his life with us!