A group of local creatives have come together and written, produced and are just at the end stages of releasing an original worship album for our city. We are so passionate about unity and serving the cause of the local church in Western Australia and we would love to come and serve you and your vision. Our goal is to release this new album Late October and we are available to come and serve your church in late October, November and early December this year.

I have attached a Press Release with links to my last album and my website from my previous albums and experience in leading worship for over 20 years in the city.

Would you be open to us coming and launching our new album as a part of one of your services?  We could do one or two songs during the service and then play more afterwards for a post service party or we could guest worship lead if that helps you and your team in this busy season in the lead up to Christmas.

We would also love to set up a table afterwards to sell CD’s and we have our own sound guy as well for churches that don’t have a large production team.

Thanks so much for your time in reading my proposal.

My phone number is: 0448885520.

We would love to come and hang with your team sometime soon.