We see Jesus changing lives, impacting cities and affecting nations.

We are an apostolic and prophetic community who exist to build the Kingdom of God through the Spirit of Revival. We see the Kingdom of God in this city, in surrounding country regions and abroad ever increasing.

Our Leadership Team

Our desire is that Without Walls be a Spirit led community whose foundations are based in the Word of God. Our senior leadership team are made of those who shoulder the primary responsibility to seek God, to understand where he is leading us and to help bring the Without Walls community into her prophetic destiny.

Jeannette Howell
Senior Pastor

Glyn & Isabel Jenkins


Ashley & Hilary McArtney
Assistant Pastor

In order to speak to one of the Without Walls leadership team please contact the administration through the website contact form.

Our Core Values



Worship is the priority of heaven and therefore it is one of our highest values


His liberty frees us from condemnation, guilt and shame and so we choose it


We are dependent on Him and therefore we liberally apply grace


We earnestly pursue the Holy Spirit for a global generational awakening


The principle of honour creates life giving, healthy relationships


We seek God unencumbered by barriers of religion, tradition and prejudice


Statement of Faith

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