Ian McCormack
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Ian McCormack

One night while diving for lobster on the small island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of the African continent, Ian McCormack was stung by five deadly jellyfish of the kind that are among the most venomous creatures on Earth. By the time an ambulance arrived his body was totally paralyzed and necrosis had begun to set into his bone marrow. On route to the hospital, Ian began to see his life flash before him. At this point in his life he was an atheist and he wasn't sure what death would bring. As he lay there dying, he saw his mother in a vision praying for him, encouraging him to cry out to God from his heart so that He would hear and forgive him (his mother was the only Christian in his family.) After being taken to the hospital, Ian died for approximately 15 - 20 minutes and had an extraordinary near-death experience.

Come and listen to Ian's testimony! Bring your friends!

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Che Ahn - Three Sessions
to Oct 21

Che Ahn - Three Sessions

How exciting Che Ahn is coming back to Without Walls!

We have 3 meetings with this man of God: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 10am and Sunday 6pm.

Ché and his wife, Sue, are the Founding Pastors of HRock Church in Pasadena, Calif. Ché is actively advancing the Kingdom of God through His love and His power across the nations. He is the founder of Harvest International Ministry and the International Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute. 

In 1982 the Lord called Ché and Sue to move from Maryland to Los Angeles for a great revival. 

They founded Harvest Rock Church in 1994, and the Lord confirmed His leading with a great outpouring of the Spirit. Nightly renewal meetings were held for 18 months and thousands of lives were radically transformed.

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Glory Camp 2019
to Apr 22

Glory Camp 2019

Glory Camp 2019 will be held in Serpentine once again over the Easter weekend 2019. 

We have a special guest coming to minister to us: Faylene Sparkes.

Stay tuned for more information. Coming soon!

Guest Speaker: Faylene Sparkes

Faylene Sparkes is a Director of A Company of Seers Australia Ltd. and has a strong prophetic anointing on her life that has had a tremendous impact on 1000’s across Australia. Faylene has for the last 22 years travelled extensively as an Itinerant Minister at Churches and Conferences. Faylene’s ministry is characterised as vibrant and humorous. A prophetic minister known for her down to earth ability to relate God’s Word to real issues. Faylene continues to travel to the nations including New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Ireland, Serbia, South Africa, USA and Canada.

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to Jul 7

Love After Marriage Workshop

Event Location

Little Bird Cafe

Address: CRN Lake Street & Newcastle Street, Northbridge, Western Australia, 6003, Australia

Dates are Wednesday 4th – Saturday 7th July 2018

Wednesday - 5:30-9pm

Thursday 9am – 9pm

Friday 9am-9pm

Saturday 9am -6pm

Workshop cost $300 per couple

Registration link http://nothinghidden.com/events/love-after-marriage-3-5-day-northbridge-australia/

Contacts Brett & Tracy Hilton (Brett 0433007083 & Tracy 0439754092)

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Royree Jensen
to Jun 3

Royree Jensen

Royree Jensen is a Holy Ghost Trailer Blazer. She is a dynamic prophetic teacher with a brilliant ability to articulate the reality of the Kingdom of God in a powerful and humorous way. Not only does she stir hunger and passion for God to “Move Again”, her uncompromising message is God plus nothing. Striking fear in the heart of a religious spirit and confronting the unbelief that so plague our western church – Royree is carrying a mantle for revival fire to see the nations turn to the burning King of Glory.

Being established and influenced by the Brethren movement early in their lives, both Royree and her husband David spent over 10 years as missionaries in Papua New Guinea. At the end of this dry and seemingly unfruitful season a significant and life changing encounter occurred as they both received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This encounter brought their hearts back to life and thrust them and the Church they were leading into a “Holy Ghost Bush Fire” – where countless numbers have been saved, healed, delivered and transformed by the presence of God.

As a result of Royree and David’s heart a blaze for God and years of faithfulness, they now play a significant and strategic role in the pacific islands. In particular the nation of Bougainville, where she has documented many of the untold stories and miracles that occurred there in recent years in her book titled ‘Sons of Thunder.’

As the Senior Leader of River of Life Church in Logan City Australia, and through her own ministry she relates apostolically with many in the pursuit for His presence and manifested Glory.

Royree & David also oversee a large network of churches in India and head up an Indian Children's Home named in their honour. In 2012 she became the Australian regional director of Harvest International Ministries; an apostolic network founded by Che and Su Ahn.


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