Without Walls closing and recommencing dates
Dec 2015 – Jan 2016

Supernatural Wednesday
    Last Day – 16th Dec 2015
    First Day – 27th Jan 2016

The Well
    Last Night – 18th Dec 2015
    First Night – 29th Jan 2016

    Continue all year round
        – 6th and 20th Dec 2015
        – 3rd and 17th Jan 2016

Tuesday Prayer
    Last Day – 15th Dec 2015
    First Day – 26th Jan 2016

    Continues every Sunday night


We meet in a number of venues just north of the city of Perth. Venues and normal meeting times shown below.

Celebration Service

1st Sunday of the month, 10:00am
Macedonian Community Hall – 53 Albert St. North Perth [Map]
Bring & share finger food lunch and a chair or rug for the park.


Sunday Gathering

3rd Sunday of the month, 10:00am
Macedonian Community Hall – 53 Albert St. North Perth [Map]


Corporate Prayer

Tuesdays 7:30pm
Overflow Centre – 100 Lake St. Northbridge [Map]


Morning of Prayer

2nd Saturday of every month, 10:00am – midday
Overflow Centre – 100 Lake St. Northbridge [Map]


Supernatural Wednesdays

Healing meeting
Wednesdays 10:00am – midday
Royal Park Hall – 180 Charles St, West Perth [Map]
Please note: There is no children’s programme at these meetings.


The Well

Revival Fire meeting
Fridays 7:30pm
Macedonian Community Hall – 53 Albert St. North Perth [Map]
Please note: There is no children’s programme at The Well.


RAW Church

For under-40s
Sundays 6:30pm
Overflow Centre – 100 Lake St. Northbridge [Map]
Please note: There is no children’s programme at RAW Church.


Location of the Macedonian Centre


Location of the Overflow Centre and Little Bird Cafe


Location of the Royal Park Hall

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